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Massage and Myotherapy Australia - Advanced MFR - Deep Front Line

Learn how these core structures a clinically inter-related. Understand treating a collection of muscles with a myofascial perspectives instead of individual structues.

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Massage and Myotherapy Australia - Advanced MFR - Deep Front Line

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24 Mar 2019, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location is TBD

About The Event

The core of the body is emphasised here. For example, the psoas connecting the spine to the legs, is embedded within the deepest layer of connective tissue (in the sympathetic neuro-core along with the spinal cord and kidneys). Thus each component has the potential to clinically effect each other.

Toe flexors can facilitate tone to the Psoas. Likewise, throat-jaw structures have a relationship with the pelvis.

Quadratus lumborum has continuous fascia with the Illiacus.

To understand these relationships has great clinical import in resolving core complaints. With psoas chronic adaptive shortening combined with armoring and overdeveloped external muscles can pull on the pelvic basin, de-stabilizing the pelvis.

With the diaphragm, perhaps the most important of structures to the core will be explored (including its’ asymmetry) and its’ link with poly-articular chains (PRI Postural Restoration Institute). Participants will be introduced to poly-articular chains of the pelvis and ‘fans of the hip joint; including trochanteric, ramic and inguinal fans.

We will explore the muscular components of Thomas Myers' DFL Deep Front Line - DFL including; Tibialis Posterior, Popliteus, Posterior Intermuscular septum, Adductor Magnus, Adductor Brevis and Longus, Pectineus, Illiacus, Psoas, Diaphragm, Scaleni, Infra and Supra-Hyoid structures.

Learn techniques that are efficient and easy to deliver that can create enormous change regarding client symptoms and their soft-tissue presentations. These are indirect methods that respects autonomic nervous system response.

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