Costings and Policies

As of January 2016, the local Australian price structure for ISTR Workshops are as follows:


ISTR Weekend Two Day Autonomic Manipulation 1 - $500 Practitioners/$325 Students
ISTR Weekend Two Day Autonomic Manipulation 2/Fascial Articulation-Osteopathic MET 1 - $500 Practitioners/$325 Students
ISTR Three Day Workshop Foundations/Autonomic Manipulation - $750 Practitioners/$500 Students
ISTR Three Day Workshop Intermediate/Fascial Articulations-Osteopathic MET - $750 Practitioners/$500 Students

  • Discounts are available based on a guaranteed size of group, student or association affiliation.
  • This would be negotiated with Steven and the organizers.
    USA Prices differ than Australian prices.
    Please Contact Steven for details


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