2018 Workshop Schedule

National Workshop Series: Fascial Therapy Institute Australia 

The Gordon Tafe- Geelong

Advance MFR - Deep Front Line, Spiral Line & Helical Applications

Saturday  March 3, 2018

Venue Geelong TBA

Costing TBA

Joint Mobilisation: Fascial Therapy Method

Saturday June 23, 2018

Venue  Geelong TBA

Costing TBA

Massage and Myotherapy Australia

The Spine: A Fascial Therapy Perspective

Sunday July 29, 2018

Venue: Queensland

Costing:  See Massage & Myotherapy Australia Website


Advance MFR - Deep Front Line, Spiral Line & Helical Applications

Sunday August 12, 2018

Venue: Melbourne, Victoria


 See Massage & Myotherapy Australia Website



International Course Sponsors

BFS - British Fascial Symposium Presentation

Neurofascial Mobilisation for Lower Peripheral Pathways: Sciatica

Saturday May 12, 2018

Venue: St. Johns Hotel, Solihull, UK

651 Warwick Road, SolihullB91 1AT0121 711 3000


Club Physio: http://club-physio.com/courses/

Neurofascial Mobility: https://www.jingmassage.com

May 2018

May 7-10    Fascial Therapy FT1 - Warsaw, Poland   
May 12-13  British Fascial Symposium Solihull, UK
May 15-16  Neurofascial Mobility - Jing Institute, Brighton UK
May 18-21  Fascial Therapy FT1 - Krakow, Poland
May 24-27  Fascial Therapy FT1 UK-Ireland,

September-October 2018

September 20-23                  Fascial Therapy FT1   UK/Ireland..
September 25-26                  Neurofascial Warsaw, Warsaw Poland,
September 28-October 1st,  Fascial Therapy FT1   Warsaw Poland
October 4-7                          Fascial Therapy FT1   Poznan, Poland